This engagement ring features an emerald cut moissanite, sitting atop a band with a soft, fluid design inspired by the flow of water. The band was hand carved in jeweller's wax, and cast in 100% recycled yellow gold. It has a gentle curve on the inside of the ring, and has no sharp or angular edges, making it very comfortable to wear.

As these rings are carved in wax and sculpted with heat (which can be unpredictable), your ring will bear a very close resemblance to the rings pictured, but may have subtle differences.

This listing is for the engagement ring only, the wedding band shown in the last two photos is available in another listing!

--- DETAILS ---

Band: 2mm - 4mm width

Metal Options: 14kt recycled yellow gold

Turnover Time: 3-4 weeks

--- CUSTOM ---

Want this ring with a different type or shape or stone? Contact me for a quote!


Moissanite measures a 9 out of 10 on the MOHS hardness scale, making it a durable and excellent choice for an engagement ring. The fire is comparable to that of a diamond, and because it is lab grown, there are no surrounding environmental and ethical issues that result from diamond mining. 

Fluid Nature River Engagement Ring - Yellow Gold

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