This white gold ring features a wing design and a round solitaire gemstone. If you're a wizard or a witch, you could use it to get hitched! Geeks, lovers of pop culture, and book readers will be fans of this design.


--- STONE INFO ---


Stones: 4mm round brilliant cut choice of:


- Golden topaz (natural, heat treated)

- Forever One moissanite by Charles and Colvard

- Chatham yellow lab created sapphire

- Yellow diamond (heat treated, SI1 grading)

- White Canadian Diamond (SI1 grading)


Metal: 14kt rose gold




Moissanite is comparable to diamond in fire and toughness, and as it is lab created, is an excellent alternative for those who want a stone with no surrounding environmental and ethical issues.


Lab created corundum (sapphire) has identical optical and chemical properties to their natural counterparts. They have excellent clarity and a bright, saturated colour.

Golden Snitch Seeker Ring - Rose Gold

Stone Choice