This elegant engagement ring has a clean and modern design packed with the sparkle of Moissanites, by Charles and Colvard. Hand fabricated in 14kt yellow gold. Bezels settings surround each stone, and keep them very secure - they have none of the fuss that comes with monitoring and maintaining claw settings. Your choice of a 5mm or 6mm centre stone. 

Shown in the photos is a 5mm centre stone.


Please note that these images have been edited to show the look of yellow gold, but the colour of true gold may vary slightly.

--- DETAILS ---

Stones: Choice of 5mm (0.41cts) or 6mm (0.68cts) centre stone, with 6x 2mm (.17ctw) side stones, all Moissanite by Charles and Colvard. All stones are in bezel style settings.

Metal: 14kt natural (unplated) white gold

Band: 2mm, half round shaped.

Turnover time: 3-4 weeks.

--- CUSTOM ---

Want this ring made with different gemstones? Contact me for a quote! Please note that I do not use customer provided stones.


Moissanite measures a 9 out of 10 on the MOHS hardness scale, making it a durable and excellent choice for an engagement ring. The fire is comparable to that of a diamond, and because it is lab grown, there are no surrounding environmental and ethical issues that result from diamond mining. 


Moissanite Cluster Engagement Ring - Yellow Gold

Centre Stone Size