The Wedding Band Workshop is a one-on-one experience for an individual, or a couple. You'll be learning the goldsmithing technique of fabrication (using hammers, saws, pliers and a jeweler's torch to shape pieces of cold precious metal) to make traditional style wedding bands.

The first step is a short consultation to determine ring styles, and metal choices. This can be done in person, or over the phone if you live outside of the London area. The consult is necessary to give you a quote for material costs, as many factors like karat and width are involved - gold can range anywhere from $80 to $800 depending on the rings you want to make!


Once we have decided what you will be making, Miranda will order your metal, and the date for the studio portion of the workshop will be set. A minimum time of one week is needed between the consultation and the workshop to allow your metal to arrive.

The next step is the workshop its self! This takes place in Miranda's home studio. Typically, most couples need between two and three hours to make their rings. Experience is not necessary, but a willingness to try new things and get a little bit messy is a must! You will leave the workshop with your rings completely finished and ready to be worn!

Available Metals:


Sterling Silver

Yellow Gold: 10kt, 14kt, 18kt

Rose Gold: 14kt and 18kt

White Gold: 10kt, 14kt, 18kt

Palladium white gold (nickle free): 14kt, 18kt.

Sorry, we do not offer platinum or palladium, as these metals are too difficult for beginners to work with!

Individual: $200.00 + Materials and HST

Couple: $400.00 + Materials and HST

"My fiancé and I have had a great experience working with Miranda! Mike proposed with a moissanite stone which Miranda then incorporated into the perfect engagement ring (and made a pair of matching earrings). We also just did the wedding band workshop today and had a blast! Our rings turned out wonderfully despite the fact that neither of us have any jewlery making experience. We are both happy to support such a great local business. Thanks Miranda!"

"Adam and I had a wonderful time making our wedding bands with Miranda! She was knowledgeable and personable, making the whole experience less intimidating. We love how they turned out and especially that we made them with our own hands"

"Ivan and I made our wedding bands at Alchemy House Jewellery. Miranda is a great instructor with lots of patience to guide us step by step through the process of making the wedding bands. The wedding band workshop is a unique and meaningful experience for couples. If you will be getting married soon and want to make your own wedding bands, I recommend this workshop!"